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We are a team with strong character and bright minds who craft custom iOS, Android and Web apps that people love to use.
Ev0990 Matte Flip Grey Nike Wolf Sunglasses aP6zwxqY

What We Do

Focusing on creation of emotional design, we develop people-oriented apps that are in high demand in a variety of industries and loved by thousands of users

Our company is small and nimble, thus we can give you the attention you expect and deserve.

Once we start to develop your idea together, you become apart of our IT family. Every member of our team strives to make your app perfect and cheers for your future success.
This is how your product turns to gorgeous.

Grey Flip Matte Ev0990 Sunglasses Nike Wolf

Matte Wolf Flip Sunglasses Ev0990 Nike Grey
Flip Nike Sunglasses Wolf Grey Ev0990 Matte

Wolf Ev0990 Matte Flip Sunglasses Nike Grey

Central Reach

iOS and Android apps which provide the key features of Central Reach platform – a web platform offering behavior analysts a solution to the delivery of care for people affected by autism.
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Fitness Freak

Android and iOS AI fitness app replacing a personal trainer. The app adapts to your ability and schedule, then provides a personalized training program based on your physical training level and body parameters.
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TV Tag

This app makes watching TV an interactive experience by giving users an ability to capture live TV content in real time and edit video fragments. Users can create unique videos with a wide range of editing tools and thеn share them on social media.


Music discovery app for iOS. It is a multi-tool for music lovers, beating other services by a number of useful features for enjoying music in real time and having a seamless music experience.

We Animated Their Ideas

And stayed in their hearts

Working in partnership with EGO creative media solutions has allowed us to develop a world leading inspection system that is highly configurable for our customers needs. EGO creative media solutions have been instrumental in this process.
Daryn Clarke Owner, SquarePeg Software Ltd
Our company has been working with EGO creative for a year and a half and we have been pleased with our working relationship. They are always responsive, tackle complications and project snags head on and with integrity.
Terrance L. Chief Product Officer
Always on top of the work, always delivered, always what we wanted and it didn’t take long to discuss any issues and get what we did want (to be fair it was often lack of definition on our side). Great bunch doing great work, will hire them again.
Oliver Johnson CEO, Point Topic
The team was so nice, respectful and professional with me and with my client. They really cared about their work product and it showed. Every meeting started and ended on time and people knew their roles. Nothing was taken for granted.
Jamie “Jae” Mckinney Founder at Divigner
EGO cms have helped us, as a startup, to make the most of our seed funding, and have helped deliver a complex iOS and Android mobile apps. This development team has always delivered work to a very high standard.
Wolf Nike Grey Ev0990 Sunglasses Matte Flip Chris Leow Chief Technology Officer, iBlast Pte Ltd
Throughout my dealings with their team, I found them to be highly proficient in respect of their technical capabilities, and extremely pleasant too! I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone seeking these services.
Christopher Matthews Founder at Quorum Club
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We engaged EGO on a client project and we’ve had exceptional results. We have a daily standup via teleconference and there have been no communication issues at all. We are looking forward to utilizing EGO for more projects moving forward.
Dave Todaro President & COO at Ascendle
I worked with EGO development team on a 14 month project of rapid scrum development.The team is highly skilled in modern development, and best practices. I can’t recommend them enough. Would work with again, would recommend to a friend.
James Mountain Lead, Point Topic

Matte Wolf Flip Ev0990 Grey Sunglasses Nike

Sunglasses Ev0990 Wolf Flip Nike Grey Matte